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Keyboards for the beginner or professional.  We stock major brands like YAMAHA, CASIO and KORG. Whether you're playing at home for fun, out gigging, or recording, we probably can help. We speak M.I.D.I. fluently and can help on multiple keyboard setups, home recording, or PC applications. We stock all things keyboards, from sound modules to midi leads, from cases to stands, from amplification to headphones, and accessories to sheet music. Great prices, Part Exchange, Ex-Demo, New and Used gear, what more could you want?
electric guitars Guitars.  The best known names in music, FENDER and YAMAHA make guitars at all prices and we have them! Solid bodies and semi-acoustics, TANGLEWOOD and ARIA, bedroom guitarist to Eric Clapton, Acoustic guitars to strum Oasis songs, Electro-acoustics for gigging, Classic guitars made in Spain, you'll find them here. If you play electric guitar, you'll need an amp, we've got those as well, from bedroom amps that won't annoy the neighbours to ear blasting combos. We haven't forgotten you Bass players either. Cases, Gig bags, Spares, F/X pedals from ZOOM, Song books and Teaching Videos, Part-exchange and used bargains- BRILLIANT!!!
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Digital recording is here!  4 & 8 track recorders easy to use with CD quality at affordable prices from FOSTEX and TASCAM. Drum machines, Samplers, Rack F/X, Mixers, Microphones, Compressors, DAT machines, Part exchange and used bargains,all the latest gear to make your demo's sound professional.
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P.A. Equipment.  A.S.M. are major stockists of P.A. equipment, from small club gigs to touring rigs. We have everything you need, including microphones from SHURE and AUDIO TECHNICA, mixers from STUDIOMASTER or PEAVEY, P.A. Equipment
power amplifiers of 100 watts to 2000 watts by PEAVEY, speaker cabs from 100 watts to 1400 watts each, multicores, flight cases and cables made to order. We are a major Peavey dealer and a church P.A. specialist. We have considerable experience on export, especially to Africa and can offer advice and great prices to church organisations.
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